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Home learning - Whole school activities

Dear Parents, the Home Learning section that has been created to aid and support the education of our children will be updated in the weeks ahead.


This page will be consistently updated with general links to websites which all children can use. We ask that you approach these tasks in a stress free manner, you do not need to download and print every document as the children can work from reading the information on the screen.


We also understand that this is a very confusing and frightening time for us all and we do not wish to add to the stress by expecting completion of all the online activities, they are there simply to help.


Please be reassured that when normality is restored, as a school we will resume the teaching of our children as normal.

Sentinus Challenge - Week 11


Week 11 is here and we have our challenge for you! We want you to make your own rainbow. Follow the instructions and show us your rainbow.

Good luck!

Sentinus Challenge - Week 10


This week is all about problem solving and planning. We challenge you to design and build a bridge that spans 30cm and is strong enough to hold weighted objects without collapsing. We haven't given you any ideas as to what materials to use or design - this one is up to you!

Sentinus Challenge: Week 9  


This week we want you to become a Structural Engineer. We challenge you to build a train track with some simple materials you should have at home. Have a go and let us know how you get on.

Outdoor Art ideas

Week 8 - Sentinus Challenge


This is our 8th week of Sentinus challenges and this week we are focusing on MATHS!


Follow our instructions and complete the maths challenge, we think you will like this one. Partner up with a parent/sibling and see who wins. Good luck!

Week 7 - Sentinus Challenge


This week we are going to focus on the topic of the weather.
Follow the instructions for our first challenge to see what happens to the sea level (water) in the bag. This challenge may be something that you look at everyday this week, depending on how much sunlight there is.


Today (Wednesday) we are continuing our theme of the weather this week. We challenge you to make your own rain cloud. All of the instructions you need are on the pdf.


Today is the perfect day for this challenge as we are experiencing a drastic change in the weather. We challenge you to make your own barometer to examine the air's  pressure and see if it matches what is happening with the weather.

Follow the instructions on the attached pdf

Week 6 - Sentinus Challenge 


This week our subject topic is Biology.


Today’s challenge is to make your own DNA strand. Follow the instructions on the PowerPoint and use the template on the word document to complete the challenge. If you want to challenge yourself, you could research a bit more about DNA and why it is so interesting!

GAA Wokbooks - Monday 11th May

GAA Workbooks - Monday 5th May

Welcome to week 5 of our Sentinus online challenges!


This week we are going to focus on Aeronautical Engineering. Follow the instructions to make a helicopter. Once you have the challenge completed and tested, send us your pictures/videos. Good luck!

Sentinus Challenge 1/5/20

Today's challenge is to bake! We want you to use your measurement skills and techniques to weigh ingredients to make whatever you want. We have attached a recipe but you don't have to stick to it, you may want to bake something of your own choice. We also have a video of the challenge on our TikTok profile (@sentinus_ni) which you can have a look at!

We can't wait to see your delicious treats and measuring skills.



Sentinus Challenge 1/5/20

Week 2 - GAA whole school activities

STEM Challenge

Activities to Celebrate Holy Week


Happy Easter from Healthy Kids

Still image for this video

Grow in Love

STEM at home challenges by Sentinus- New challenge added 6/4/2020 - Send pictures of completed structure to Fospa's facebook page.

  • Link to a video showing different websites which are offering free access: https://twitter.com/StLeonardsCofEP/status/1241752850302107649?s=20 


This link will load in Twitter, just pause the video when you see something of interest.

  • Link to CORE NI  every day at 11AM we will be running a FREE LIVE PE Session on our Facebook and Instagram page.


The sessions will complement the PE National Curriculum and will cover areas such as

  • Perceptual Motor Skill Development 
  • Fundamental Movement Skills 
  • Strength-Based Exercises 
  • Sport Specific Games 
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Growth Mindset Exercises 

These sessions will not only keep the children physically active but will help maintain and look after their own mental health and overall wellbeing.


Parents and children can catch up on our previous recorded PE sessions via our YouTube Channel. In addition, they will find Educational Videos on Growth Mindset and looking after your Mental Health as well as Fun Games and Activities, Sports Spefiec Skils, Podcats, and Workouts for Parents and Families.


Instagram - @coreni_corekids -  https://www.instagram.com/coreni_corekids/?hl=en


  • Link to P.E. with Joe :



Use this to have some fun with your children, get the whole family involved!!

  • Access to free online reading books:



Please select - Available now to show programs on BBC iPlayer.


These workbooks range from Foundation to KS2.


Times Tables - Challenge cards

Free online drama and imagination classes - need to either email or message using facebook Caitlin O'Neill

  • St. Patrick's Primary School Aghacommon
  • 14 Derrymacash Road, Lurgan, County Armagh BT66 6LG
  • Telephone: 02838 343230
  • Fax No: 02838 343230
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