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Week Beginning Monday 6th April

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all keeping well and safe during this time.  Here is a guideline of work for the week beginning Monday 6th April.  You should approach these tasks in whatever way suits best for your situation.  Worksheets can be found at the bottom of this page.  Do not worry about printing these resources out to complete.  You can discuss the work out loud, complete in a notebook, whiteboard or computer.  New resources will be available after Easter including access to remote learning and online reading books.  




Handwriting- Find things in your house beginning with 'a.'  Complete 'Aa' worksheet and draw at least three things beginning with 'a' on the back.



Counting Game: Pass The Teddy

This can be played with 2 or more people.  Hold a teddy and pass it by taking turns.  Say 'I am one.  I pass to two.'  'I am two.  I pass to three.'

Practise writing numbers 1-20 using colouring pencils, markers or chalk.


World Around Us:

Draw or paint a fruit and research a fact about it.




Big Book 'Handa's Surprise-A video of this can be found on youtube.  

Draw three characters from the story and label.  This should include Handa and two animals.



Adding Game: Roll a dice two times.  Write down the two numbers and add them together eg. 6+3=9.  Ensure that your child uses the symbols correctly.  You could make this into a challenge to see who gets the highest or lowest score.


World Around Us: Circle Fruits Worksheet




Phonics Revision - Use the free app Starfall.  Go to Grades 1,2,3, Learn to Read (mouse icon), I Short Vowels & Vowel Pals, 1 a (mouse icon)  Read story 'Zac the rat.'  Play the word machine game which involves blending and segmenting sounds.  Write and illustrate one sentence from the story eg. 'The ants ran to the jam.'


Numeracy: Balloon Addition worksheet


World Around Us: Draw or paint a vegetable and research a fact about it.




Draw a picture of something that you have done at home eg. baking, exercising, building dens.  Write a few sentences to match your picture.  Encourage your child to write as independently as possible.  You can give your child a few key words but encourage them to sound out as much as possible.  Tell them that it is ok if it is not spelt correctly.  After their own attempt you can show them the correct spelling to show them which parts they got right.  Praise all attempts.  An alphabet might be useful.


Numeracy: Dice Addition Worksheet


World Around Us: Circle Vegetables Worksheet




Syllables are the number of parts in a words.  Practise clapping the number of syllables in everyone's names in your family eg. Sharon (2) Christopher (3).  Tap the syllables out on a drum, tambourine or other instrument.  Talk about the number of syllables or parts in words.  Complete worksheet Syllables.



Game: Think Fast

Say a number between 0 and 10.  Throw a beanbag or rolled up sock to a partner and they have to quickly say the number which is 10 more eg. '5' becomes '15' 

Adding and Subtracting Ten worksheet



Recall the story of the Last Supper.  Talk about sad news.  Ask your child, 'Did anyone ever give you sad news?' 'Was there someone who did or said something to make you feel better?'

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