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Meal plans and recipes for families

Meal Plans and Recipes for Teachers, Students and their families - FREE download to start your journey to a healthier YOU!

There is a strong correlation between diet, lifestyle and wellbeing.

For students this can affect their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, which can impact their performance in their learning ability, sports performance and relationships with peers. For teachers, an inadequate diet can lead to stress, exhaustion and feelings of being burnt-out!

Download the FREE Meal Plans and Recipes to help you get started in your journey to a better version of yourself.

Good nutrition has become, now more than ever, an effective solution to address many of the health issues that young people are facing. Home cooking and dining is an integral aspect of family bonding as well as healthy and mindful eating practices to combat the increasing effects of ill-health brought about by hectic lifestyles with an increased reliance on packaged and processed food. 

These foods laden with hidden sugars, trans fats, food additives and preservatives have a negative impact on wellbeing in both the short and long-term affecting mental, physical health and emotional health. What Are We Feeding Our Kids? 

Please do share these Meal Plans and Recipes in your school updates to teachers and parents.

Meal Plans, Programs and Recipes

nutritionBAND brings you Meal Plans & Programs and Recipes created by a team of dietitians, recipe developers and nutritionists at affordable prices right into your kitchen.

We understand that seeing a nutritionist can sometimes be costly and confusing. nutritionBAND Meal Plans & Programs gives Teachers, Learners and their families the opportunity to use different eating plans with ease and convenience.

With a choice of over 70 of our meal plan programs varying from 5-days to 3 weeks, you can safely enjoy the health benefits from as many plans as you choose, and make meal times easy, fun, quick, stress-free and nutritious.

Some of our Programs include: Immune Support Program, Bone Health Support Program, Stress and Anxiety Support Program, High Energy Diet, Family-friendly Program, One Pan Meal Program, Skin Health Program SEE FULL LIST 

Kid-friendly Program - A fun, Nut-free, Lunchbox-friendly Plan.


This plan was designed to make healthy eating simple and fun for children! It has been designed specifically for children aged 4 to 10, and offers many finger foods, familiar family favourites, and simple snacks.

All meals are lunchbox-friendly and meet the approximate energy needs of most active children. The plan is easily customizable for individual needs, and children are encouraged to follow their natural hunger and fullness cues.


Eating For Happiness - Nutrition For Mental Health.


What you eat can impact your mental health. This program focuses on incorporating foods with feel-good nutrients including magnesium, vitamin B6, iron, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids.


Twenty-five delicious, easy and nutrient-dense recipes for ice creams and popsicles that the whole family can enjoy together.

Mouthwatering, fun and most importantly natural.




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