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Primary Two had a enjoyable day out at Streamvale Open Farm. The children had an opportunity to get a close up look at lots of animals and help out at feeding time. An adventure down a nature trail led them to red deer, Ireland's largest mammals. They saw a milking parlour first hand and learned how milk gets from a cow to their fridge. They also had a chance to milk a cow, at least one that couldn't run away! They learned how farmers often use quads to get feed to their animals. After a well deserved picnic, they ended with an epic pirate battle in one of the farm's themed parks.

The Primary Two children really enjoyed experimenting with the mobile photography textural app KaleidaCam. In pairs the children chose a selection of real fruit and vegetables to arrange and photograph using the app. They investigated a range of kaleidoscope types which allowed them to see their image broken up and mirrored in different ways. They also used a slider to control the number of slices. The children captured beautiful, colourful images full of interesting shapes and patterns.

As part of our topic Fruit and Vegetables we studied the artist Giuseppe Archimboldo. This Italian painter is best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruit and vegetables. The children had fun creating their own characters using real fruit and vegetables. They also drew characters in the style of Archimboldo. The PictoBoldo App was used to create digital images using a range of fruit and vegetables. The children experimented with moving, rotating, reducing, enlarging and duplicating objects. Finally the children brought their character to life using the Chatterpix App. The children recorded a voice for their character introducing themselves and what they liked. These Apps were so much fun the children didn't even realise how many skills they were learning!

An exciting digital literacy project was retelling the story of 'Handa's Surprise' through pictures, sound effects and music. This was done using the 'My Story' app. The children planned what they were going to draw for the beginning, middle and end of the story. They took a selfie using the camera app. They then created their own book and inserted their photo for the author. Using tools such as pencils, paintbrushes and markers they drew their ideas on an i-Pad to represent the different parts of the story. They also chose background colours. In a small group the children then added vocal sound effects and simple percussion instruments to each page of their book. They took turns performing and recording. This activity focused on the child's creativity and the children were very proud of their work!

In the construction area children have the opportunity to develop lots of important skills. These include thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. As well as planning what they are going to build, children have to work out the best way to build their structure and make decisions. It encourages children to be creative and it is a great opportunity to learn how to work collaboratively with others by listening to others, sharing ideas and taking turns. Engaging in dramatic role-play is also a lot of fun!

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