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Setting the Scene

In Literacy the children have been looking at settings in stories. They have been focusing on adjectives(describing words)in text. These adjectives make the story come alive in our minds. The children worked in groups, collecting adjectives and writing their own settings. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Green Table


As I walked up the magnificent path, I was met by the sight of this beautiful forest home. When I opened the beautiful white door, I was amazed by the awesome interiors. The seats in the living room were as soft as a cloud. The kitchen was filled with tasty food and the sweet smell filled the room. There was huge windows with amazing views. Outside there was beautiful gardens with lots of flowers and bushes. Then I went inside and looked at the wonderful sights around me. 

Red Table


As you turn the corner, you see this grand house lighting up the darkness. This fresh, open style home is filled with expensive detailing, it is amazing in every way. Very clean lines and beautifully decorated, anyone would love to live in this impressive cosy home.

Yellow Table


As I walked through the deep, soft snow I was very impressed when I came to the front of this beautiful Victorian style house. from the outside it looked attractive with its cool grey and white  exterior, it was most impressive. The beautiful large trees covered in thick snow looked majestic and artistic.it made me gasp with jealously.

Blue Table


As soon as I set my eyes on this disgraceful building they burned with fear. The old, crumbling exterior was eerie and depressing. I could hear the creaking of the collapsing porch in the breeze. The house was rotten down to its very foundation. Shattered windows, cried of danger. Everything about this house was broken. This house had no heart. 

Can you match the house to the description?
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Are the houses as you imagined from our wonderful descriptions?

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