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Week 1 / 20.4.2020

Welcome everyone! 

I hope you and your families are all keeping well during this difficult time.


Now it is time to have fun with some home learning activities.

Mrs Robinson


General Ideas - Talk about the 'day of the week'.  Discuss the 'daily Springtime weather'.  Outline the 'daily routine'.


Link for the daily 'Getting Ready to Learn' Activities


Language Development  This is your story - 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. 

Click here to open. 

Listen and respond to questions.

The Arts - Art and Design  Make a picture/collage using crayons/scrap paper/wrappers. Practise drawing/tearing/cutting and sticking.

Reminder - Allow children to gather household items to make/build with e.g. tubes, lids, boxes 


Getting Ready to Learn (GRtL) - Big Bedtime Read  Activity 2 - Bedtime Routine

Use the 'Getting Ready to Learn' link above for the activity. 


Early Mathematical Experiences  This is your number rhyme - 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'

Click here to open


Talk about the routine of meal times each day e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner.  Help to set up the table for a meal and help to tidy up afterwards.

The World Around Us  Go on a short Spring walk.  Look for things growing around your home.  Listen to different sounds.  Any other signs of Spring?

GRtL - Happy Healthy Kids  Activity 1 - Yoga 

Use 'Getting Ready to Learn' link above for the activity.

Yoga On the Farm - Click here to open

Language Development  This is your rhyme - 'Mary Mary Quite Contrary' 

Look at the rhyme and talk about the pictures.  Practise saying and singing the rhyme.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development   Eating a meal with the family. Practise 'washing hands' before eating and 'turn taking' e.g. pouring own drink.

GRtL - Education Work in Pre-School  Activity 1 - Playdough

Use 'Getting Ready to Learn' link above for the activity.

Talk about changes in ingredients.  Use thumbs and fingers to make a playdough meal. 

Early Mathematical Experiences   Look at and discuss garden flowers.  Count some of these.  Describe the size/length of flowers.  Look at patterns in the petals of flowers.  Talk about the passage of time it takes for bulbs to grow (Autumn - planting time, through to Spring time).

Physical Development and Movement

Gross Motor Skills - Practise putting on and taking off own clothes - t shirts, sweatshirts, raincoats (zipping up), costumes, aprons etc.

Activity - Wonderful Walking Walk forwards, backwards, eyes open, eyes closed, sideways, on tip toes, heel to toe and then giant steps.

GRtL - Ages & Stages  Activity 1 - Memory Game

Use 'Getting Ready to Learn' link above for the activity.

Language Development   Mary Quite Contrary - Story Stones
Use the stones to help sing the nursery rhyme.

The Arts - Music, Drama  This is your song - 'Mary had a little lamb' 

Click here to open

Listen and join in with singing this fun song.  Use your own shaker/instrument to accompany this.

GRtL - Big Bedtime Read (BBR) Activity 1 - Reading Corner

Use 'Getting Ready to Learn' link above for the activity.


Well done Nursery boys and girls!!


Everyone has worked hard all week long.  It is time to have a break now.

Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday off!  Remember to stay safe and take care at home.  Always listen and do as you're told!


Have fun!

Mrs Robinson

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