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Week 2 - 18th January

Hello Nursery boys and girls,

It's time again for some home learning activities.  

Try your best to do as many of these as you can!

Good luck!

Mrs Robinson


General Ideas - Begin to name the 'day of the week', discuss the 'Wintertime weather' and outline the 'routine' for each day.


This is your Action Song  - 'Shake Your Sillies Out'.  Click here to open

Sing along and do the actions. 

This will help get you ready for learning activities each day. 


Language Development

This is your rhyme - 'The North Wind Doth Blow'.

Click here to open



The World Around Us - (Seesaw)

We had a special 4th birthday to a little boy in our class yesterday!

This is his song.  Click here to open

Sing along everyone!


Physical Development and Movement - (Seesaw)

Gross Motor Skills



Early Mathematical Experiences - Number

This is your rhyme - 'Hickory Dickory Dock'.  

Click here to open

Relationships - (Seesaw)


The Arts - Art and Design (Seesaw)


Language Development

This is your story - 'One Winter's Day'.

Click here to open

Listen and respond to questioning.

E.g. When Little Hedgehog's nest blew away, where did he set off for?

Hedgehog met lots of animals on his way.  Who did he meet first?, next?, last?


The World Around Us

Arctic Animals 

Look at each of the pictures.  Talk about what you see.

Physical Development and Movement - (Seesaw)

Fine Motor Skills


Early Mathematical Experiences - (Seesaw)


The Arts - Drama, Music

This is your song - 'Polar Bears and Penguins'.

Talk about the pictures.  Practise saying the words together over and over again. 

Sing to the tune of 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'.

Physical Development and Movement - (Seesaw)

Gross Motor Skills


Language Development

This is you story - 'The Little Snowflake'.

Click here to open

Listen and respond to questions.

E.g. What did the Little Snowflake land on in the sky?...in the meadow?

How many children made the snowman?

What did the children use Little Snowflake for?

How did Snowflake feel then?  How do you know he felt like that?


The Arts - Drama, Music

(1)This is your song - 'Little Snowflake'.

Click here to open

Do the actions for the snowflake falling from the sky...on your head, on your nose and in your hand.

(2) (Seesaw activity assigned for Friday)


Getting Ready to Learn

Happy Healthy Kids

Activity 1 - This is your yoga.  Click here to open

Can you copy some of the Winter Wonderland poses e.g. polar bear, snowflake, mountain, penguin?


Ages & Stages (3-4)

Activity 2 - Developing independence by helping set the table, cleaning rooms, putting toys away, sorting clothes, matching socks, picking out your clothes to wear, helping prepare breakfast or lunch, helping get the bath ready.


Well done boys and girls!

Enjoy your weekend.  Take care and stay safe.

Have fun!!

Mrs Robinson





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