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Week 2/ 18.1.2021

Fit families : please ensure you have registered for our Fit Families programme beginning this week.

Click on the link below for information.


Live P.E. lesson via zoom every Thursday at 12 noon.


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Meeting ID: 796 2128 6047

Passcode: 8RXPRt




This week we are learning the m sound.


Link to the m song - CLICK HERE


Please refer to last week's Seesaw post for rhyme to form the letter/sound m.

-Down Maisie, mountain, mountain.


Can you practice writing the sound m on a page and post a picture of it on Seesaw?


Go through the pictures below and read all the m sounds aloud.

Draw a picture of your favourite thing that begins with the sound m and post it to Seesaw.

Pictures of m sounds

Numeracy -


Please see Seesaw activity for Monday.

Please see assigned Mathletics activity - Dot Display

World Around Us -


Please check Seesaw for assigned World Around Us activity for Monday.


Literacy -


W.A.L.T: Rhyme.

We focused on rhyming words before the Christmas break.

Please see Seesaw for assigned activity on rhyming words on Tuesday.

Please see Education city for assigned phonics activity.

Numeracy -

Please complete the last sheet on money in home learning pack.

Count the coins in each purse and write the correct amount beside them.


Please see Mathletics for assigned activity - Missing it!

Physical Development & Movement- Gummy Bear Dance! Click here

Road safety.


road safety activities have been assigned to Seesaw. 
Please check the note posted to your journal on assess and the activities to be completed.

Art - 


As we are learning about robins this week, do you think you could make your own bird feeder to help the robins in Winter? 
Take a picture of the bird feeder you made and post it on seesaw. 


Literacy -


Please see Seesaw for Wednesday's phonics  activity.

Continue to practice writing the m sound/letter.

Numeracy -


Please see Seesaw for Wednesday's activities - 2 activities will be assigned.


Interactive counting game - CLICK HERE

Religion -


The Holy Family visited Jeruslaem.

Please see Seesaw for story.

Please complete 2nd page in Religion home learning pack (dated 18/1/21)


Literacy -



Please see Seesaw for Thursday's rhyming activity.



Please see Seesaw for Thursday's phonics activity.


Numeracy -


Please see Seesaw for Thursday's maths activity on money.


If you have any 1p coins  - you could try some coin rubbings with crayons.

Ask your child to show you 4p/6p etc through coin rubbings and they can write the amount beside them.

Interactive ordering number game - CLICK HERE

(choose - ordering, forwards 1-10)

Religion -


Please see Seesaw for Thursday's Religion activity.

Live P.E. lesson via zoom at 12noon.

Literacy -


Handwriting - please complete page 3 and 4 in Handwriting book sent home in learning pack (letter k)

Numeracy -


Please complete Winter graph worksheet in home learning pack.


Please check Mathletics for activity - Order numbers to 10.

P.D.M.U -


Please see Seesaw for Friday's P.DM.U. activity.



Don't forget story time with Miss McAnulty on Seesaw.



To view video from Mattie (Ulster GAA) for this week’s activities as part of the Fit Families programme - CLICK HERE 


Good luck 

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