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Week 2: Monday 18th January 2021

Hello Primary Two!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for this week's home-learning.  Thank you for all the written responses, photographs, voice-recordings and videos you took last week to show me how hard you have all been working.  There is now a direct link to Collin's Ebooks child log in screen.

                                                                                           Mrs Conway



P.E - Fit Families: Please register to begin daily Physical Education with Healthy Kidz beginning Monday 18th January.  Click on the link below for more information.

Whole school zoom PE sessions will also take place every Thursday 12pm-12.30pm.   


Join Zoom Meeting:



Meeting ID: 796 2128 6047

Passcode: 8RXPRt

Daily Activities:

Play games to identify sounds/ key words - Picture Match

Write each spelling once in your spelling/phonics book

Read your online reading book

Practise correct number formation 1-10


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned activity: More, Less or the same to 10.  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics- Write and practise making your spellings.  Have a go at the 'Picture Match' game on see-saw.

Handwriting 'Kk' - Listen to 'The Letter K Song.'  Watch the video clip 'Write the letter K.'  Complete pages 36 and 37 of Workbook Starter A.  Think of four things which begin with 'k.'  Encourage your child to use a writing pencil for writing using the correct formation.  Ask them to colour in the pictures carefully using either colouring pencils or crayons.  Please do not use markers in handwriting workbooks.

Numeracy: Writing Numbers in a Sequence

Practise counting forwards 1-10 by clapping hands and counting backwards 10-0 by stamping feet.  Call out numbers from 1-10 and leave out one or two numbers on purpose for your child.  Encourage your child to identify the missing numbers.  If they are unsure give them a clue eg. it is the number after 6.  Extend to 1-20.  Complete page 3 and 4  in your Numeracy Workbook 'Missing Number Tracks 1-10.'  Challenge: Can you make your own missing number track for a friend to complete?  Decide whether the numbers will go forwards or backwards.  Leave out one or two numbers.  Remember to draw a box to show a number is missing.

World Around Us: Summer/Winter Clothes

Complete see-saw activity 'Summer/Winter Clothes.'


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned Activity: Sort It  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics - Write and practise making your spellings.  Complete phonics activity 'Letter Dd' on see-saw.

News - Draw a picture of a special Christmas present you got.  Remember to think about who got it for you and what it looks like.  Write a sentence to match your picture.  Encourage your child to write any sounds they know. 

Numeracy: Addition to 10

Complete Page 5 and 6 of Numeracy Workbook 'Winter Clothing' and 'Dinosaur Addition.'

Art: Winter Wonderland

Draw/ paint your very own winter scene.  You might include snow, a snowman, animals hibernating or children playing outdoors.  Please post your art work on see-saw.


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned Activity: Everyday Length Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics - Write your spellings and complete see-saw activity 'Hot Chocolate Rhyming Words.'  Remember there are two pages.  Complete online activity on Education City Click here to log in.

Whizz Kids Group: Cat Cosy

Bright Sparks Group: Dancing Dinosaurs

Numeracy: Addition to 12

Play the addition game 'Rock and Roll.'  Roll a dice two times or alternatively roll two die.  Add the two scores together and record on a sheet of paper.  For example 3 and 6 makes a score of 9.  Ask a friend to roll the dice two times.  See if you can beat your opponent's score.  The highest score wins.  Maybe the winner could choose a song to play.

World Around Us: Winter/ Summer Clothes sort activity in learning pack.  Cut out the clothes and labels and sort into Summer/ Winter clothing.


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

Mental Maths: Numbers Before/ After

If you have a pack of cards, ask a friend to show you one card.  Say the number before and after the number shown on the card.  If not, write numbers on squares of paper.  Remember the number before is one smaller and the number after is one bigger.

Literacy: Phonics- write and practise your spellings.

Story - 'Frog on a Log.'  Listen to the story and identify words which rhyme eg. hares/ chairs, parrot/ carrots.  Draw three animals from the story on their 'special rhyming seats' eg.  lions on irons.  Can you think of a special seat of your own or for someone in your family?

Numeracy: Measuring Length

Complete the activity 'Maths LEGO Length Challenge' on see-saw.

RE: Religion Workbook Peace Within Me Worksheet 19

PE: Healthy Kidz Zoom Session


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

Mental Maths: Education City (See below)

Literacy: Phonics/ Spellings

Write each sound on a post-it or square of paper.  Encourage your child to make the spellings by re-arranging the post-its or squares.  They may make a spelling while looking at a word such as 'bin' to find the matching sounds or just by listening to the sounds.  When a word is complete ask your child to point to each letter and say each sound in order, stretch the sounds slowly then say the word fast.  They do this in school every day! Play 'Picture Match' game on see-saw and post response to teacher.  Complete the phonics challenge activity 'Draw a picture.' Trace the words 'The tin is in a bin.'  Encourage your child to form the letters correctly.

Numeracy: Education City Click here to log in

Shooting Stars Group: Long, Short and Tall

Masterminds Group: Classy Objects

PE: Cosmic Yoga - Frank the Frog


Enjoy your weekend!

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