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Week 4: Monday 1st February 2021

Hello Primary Two!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  You all worked so hard last week.  Your hat sketches were amazing!  Keep trying your best with all your work.  

                                                                                           Mrs Conway


PE - Healthy Kidz: Whole school zoom PE sessions will continue to take place every Thursday 12pm-12.30pm.   


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Meeting ID: 796 2128 6047

Passcode: 8RXPRt

Daily Activities:

Play games to identify sounds/ key words 

Write each spelling once in your spelling/phonics book

Read your online reading book

Practise correct number formation 1-15


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned activity: Model Subtraction  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics- Write and practise making your spellings.  Have a go at the game on see-saw.

Handwriting 'Ss' - Listen to the Ss song. 'Watch the video clip 'The Letter S.'  Complete pages 10 and 11  of Workbook Starter A.  Think of four things which begin with 's.'  Encourage your child to use a writing pencil for writing using the correct formation.  Ask them to colour in the pictures carefully using either colouring pencils or crayons.  

Numeracy: Complete ladybird addition worksheet.  Using your ladybird mat, play 'Count the Spots.'  Roll a dice and put that number of spots on one side of the ladybird.  Roll the dice again and put that number of spots on the other side of the ladybird.  Write the sum and add the numbers together eg. 6 + 5 = 11.  You could use buttons, raisins or pebbles for spots.  If you play against someone, you could see who gets the highest score each time.

World Around Us:  Watch 'Come Outside - A Woolly Jumper.' Complete see-saw activity on how a woolly jumper is made.


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned Activity: Everyday Mass  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics - Write and practise making your spellings.  Complete phonics activity 'Letter Vv' on see-saw.

News - Draw a picture of yourself wearing your favourite clothes.  Draw an arrow to label your clothes.  Remember to add adjectives eg. blue jeans

Numeracy: Addition

Complete the 'Butterfly Addition Puzzle' in learning pack.  

Art: Colourful hats

Warm-up: If you have paint experiment with mixing colours.  Try mixing blue and red, blue and yellow, and red and yellow.  See what happens.  Show your child that by adding a dot of white you can lighten a colour and that by adding a dot of black you can darken a colour.  If you have no paint, talk about colour mixing and watch the 'Colour Mixing' video.

Activity: Choose a hat.  Paint or draw 'a head wearing a hat.'  The eyes could be opened or closed.  Think about the hair colour, if it is straight or curly or if the head has no hair.  You could mix paints to make a colour similar to one on the real hat or use colouring pencils, crayons or markers.  Remember to look at the lines, colours, shapes and patterns.  Sometimes it is easier to pencil sketch a light outline before painting.  Use a fine brush for details.  You could always wear the hat and look in the mirror for inspiration or get someone to model it for you!


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned Activity: Where is it?  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics/ Key Words - Write your spellings and complete key words see-saw activity.  Complete online activity on Education City Click here to log in.

Whizz Kids Group: Stig's Tree

Bright Sparks Group: Visiting Vets

Numeracy: Mass

Complete see-saw activity on mass.

World Around Us: Watch the video 'Wonderful Wool!.'  Find some things in your house which are made from wool and take a photograph.  You could even draw a picture of them.  Send to me on see-saw.  



This is your reading.  Click here to open.

Mental Maths: Counting in 2's.  Play the 20p game on see-saw.

Literacy: Phonics- write and practise your spellings.

Listen to the story 'Angelica Sprocket's Pockets.' Complete activity outlined on see-saw. 

Numeracy: Pocket Challenge

Find something with a pocket.  This could be a coat, a handbag or a pair of jeans.  Look for lots of little objects in your house and see how many things you can fit in the pocket.  After squashing in all your objects you could count them, sort them into sets, make patterns with them.  Don't forget to return all the objects back to where you found them!

RE: Religion Workbook Special Places The Church Worksheet 21

PE: Healthy Kidz Zoom Session


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

Mental Maths: Education City (See below) Remember to complete the worksheets attached.  There are lots of sums this week!

Literacy: Phonics/ Spellings

Write each sound on a post-it or square of paper.  Encourage your child to make the spellings by re-arranging the post-its or squares.  They may make a spelling while looking at a word to find the matching sounds or just by listening to the sounds.  When a word is complete ask your child to point to each letter and say each sound in order, stretch the sounds slowly then say the word fast.  Play game on see-saw and post response to teacher.  Complete the phonics challenge activity. 

Numeracy: Education City Click here to log in

Shooting Stars Group: Rock and Roll

Masterminds Group: Sleepy Sheep

PE: Spiderman Yoga

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