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Week 3 - 25th January

Hello boys and girls,

It's time again for home learning activities.

Try your best to do as many of these as you can!

Good luck!

Mrs Robinson


General Ideas - This is 'Catholic Schools Week'.  Please continue to practise how to bless yourselves.  Say the 'Morning Prayer' before daily activities and the 'Night Prayer' at bedtime.  Point out 'God's house' - where we come together to pray. 

This is your rhyme - 'Here is the Church'.  Click here to open

Say the rhyme and do the hand actions.


Begin to name the 'day of the week', discuss the 'Wintertime weather' and outline the 'routine' for each day.

This is your action song - 'Shake Your Sillies Out'.  Click here to open

Sing along and do the actions.  This will help you get ready for activities each day.



Language Development

This is your story - 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  Click here to open

Listen and respond to questioning.

What did the family go through on their bear hunt? 

Check to see if you've got them all!  Click here to open


The World Around Us - (Seesaw)


Physical Development and Movement - (Seesaw)

Gross Motor Skills


Getting Ready to Learn -

Happy Healthy Kids

This is your yoga.  Click here to open


Early Mathematical Experiences (Seesaw)




The Arts - Art and Design (Seesaw)



Father Brian has invited our school communities to join online for the annual Catholic Schools Week Mass.  This will take place today at 2:00pm and will be streamed on http://www.lurganparish.com/stpauls-webcam/.  

It will also be available to view afterwards from the same website.


Language Development

This is your story - 'The Winter Wish'.  Click here to open

Listen to the story.  Respond to questioning.

E.g. What did William love best in Grandpa's house?

When Grandpa was little what did he do with the snow?...ice?

How did the snow globe break?

Did William's wish come true?

What things did William and his friends do in the snow?

The World Around Us

This is your programme - 'A Woolly Jumper'.

Click here to open


Physical Development and Movement - (Seesaw)

Fine Motor Skills


Early Mathematical Experiences - (Seesaw)


Getting Ready to Learn

Happy Healthy Kids

Activity - This is your yoga - 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.

Click here to open


The Arts - Art and Design - (Seesaw)


Language Development  

This is your story - 'Kipper's Snowy Day'.

Click here to open


The Arts - Drama, Music - (Seesaw)


Getting Ready to Learn - (Seesaw)

Ages & Stages (3-4)


Well done children!!

Enjoy your weekend.  Take care and stay safe.

Have fun!!

Mrs Robinson


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