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Week 3/ 4.5.2020


Hello boys and girls!

It's time again for some more home learning activities.

Good luck!

Mrs Robinson


General Ideas - Continue to talk about the 'day of the week', discuss the 'daily Springtime weather' and outline the 'daily routine'.


Reminder - Allow children to organise their own play (indoors/outdoors) and become more independent at activities.  Try to encourage breadth of experiences as much as  possible within many areas of play.  This allows the development of a wide range of skills across all areas of learning in the Nursery Curriculum e.g. Language Development, Physical Development and Movement.

Daily Link for GRtL Activities

Language Development

This is your story.  Click here to open

Listen and join in where appropriate.

The Arts - Art and Design

Draw a picture of your favourite Pig's home.

GRtL - Big Bedtime Read

Activity 4 - Making Faces

Click on the GRtL link above.


Early Mathematical Experiences

Song - Three Little Pigs  Click here to open

Explore links between the Little Pigs and their Homes. 

First Pig's house made of ..., Second Pig's house and Third Pig's house.  

The World Around Us

GRtL - Happy Healthy Kids

Activity 7 - Listening Walk - Outdoors

Click on the GRtL link above


Language Development

This is your rhyme. Click here to open

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Talk about where you live and the type of house you live in.


Circle time - " I live at ...", "My house is a ..."

GRtL - Education in Pre-School

Activity 3 - Spot the Difference

Click on the GRtL link above


Early Mathematical Experiences

This is your rhyme.  Click here to open

Which Piggy stayed at home?

Which Piggy went to market?

What did the Third Piggy have to eat?


Outdoor Activity - Investigate shapes, sizes and patterns in the outdoor environment e.g. shapes of clouds, pattern in rainbows.

Make a collection of found natural materials e.g. twigs, stones. 

Sort these (put together same).  Count the items in each group.

Physical Development and Movement

Gross Motor Skills - Brilliant Ball Skills

Throw, catch (Balloon, beanbag, ball) into hands/container/hoop.

Bounce, roll, kick, score goals, dribble or dribble around cones!


GRtL - Ages and Stages

Activity 5 - Developing Independence

Click on the GRtL link above.




Language Development

This is your story.  Click here to open

Respond to questioning

1. How many animal characters? 

2. Who did the cat chase? 

3. Who warned the cat?


The Arts - Drama, Music

This is your song.  Click here to open


GRtL - Big Bedtime Read

Activity 5 - Simon Says

Click on the GRtL link above



Well done again boys and girls!!


Enjoy Saturday and Sunday off home learning activities. 

Take good care and stay safe.


Have fun!

Mrs Robinson

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