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Week 4/ 11.5.2020

Hello boys and girls!

It's time again for more home learning activities.

Good luck!

Mrs Robinson


General Ideas - Talk about the 'day of the week', discuss the 'daily weather' and outline the 'daily routine'.

Reminder - 'Tidy up' time is very much part of the children's play routine.  They develop many skills by taking part in this process e.g. Early Mathematical Experiences - Sorting their own toys or equipment and returning them to their appropriate places/Matching objects such as dustpan to brush, lids to saucepans.


Language Development

This is your story.  Listen and respond to questioning. 

The Arts  - Art and Design

Build/make a model 'home' e.g. with blocks/cardboard boxes/dough.

GRtL - Big Bedtime Read

Activity 15 - Race against the clock

Click on the GRtL link above

This is your action song - 'Brush Your Teeth'.  Click here to open


Early Mathematical Experiences

This is your song - 'Busy Farmer Ben'.  Click here to open

Activity  - Shape and Space

Discuss the location of the family at the table during a meal time - beside, in front of, between.  Also hands above, feet below.

The World Around Us

Look at and discuss the different parts of your house.  Talk about some of the materials used e.g. glass, bricks, wood.

GRtL - Happy Healthy Kids

Activity 5 - Hide 'n' Seek

Click on the GRtL link above


Language Development

Click here to open

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Look at the different rooms in your house and name them.


Role-Play Activity - 'Guess the Room' Game

Do action(s)...Which room?  e.g. Brushing teeth - Bathroom

(Repeat for different rooms and take turns acting out!)

Circle time Activity - "My favourite room is ..."

GRtL - Education Works in Pre-School

Activity 15 - Hunts

Click on the GRtL link above


Early Mathematical Experiences

This is your song.  Click here to open 

Join in with making the sounds of the different animals and the sound of the tractor.

Count each type of animal.


Outdoor Activity - Recognise the shapes of everyday objects around your home e.g. doors, fence, windows.  Count some of these.


Physical Development and Movement

Fine Motor Skills - Peg Activity

Practise using clothes pegs on short strips of cardboard.

GRtL - Ages and Stages

Activity 4 - Mime Time

Click on the GRtL link above


Language Development

This is your story.  Click here to open

The Arts - Drama, Music

This is your action song. Click here to open

Sing along and copy the actions of the scarecrow.

GRtL - Big Bedtime Read

Activity 8 - Puppets

Click on the GRtL link above

Well done boys and girls!!

You are all continuing to work very well at home.  

Enjoy your weekend. Take care and stay safe.

Have fun!!

Mrs Robinson

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