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Week 4/ 1.2.2021

CHILDREN’S MENTAL HEALTH WEEK 2021 - look out for lovely activities on Friday to celebrate this week!

Please check for assigned reading book for this week and read the book each day.

Try to go over the repeated words with your child to help with High Frequency Word recognition. 

For example : snap games with words, circle the words, paint the words etc.

Live P.E. lesson via zoom every Thursday at 12noon.


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Meeting ID: 796 2128 6047

Passcode: 8RXPRt


Literacy -


1.Please see Seesaw for phonics sorting activity.

2. Can you think of something that begins with c, e, m and d ? Draw a picture of what you have thought of. Post your picture to seesaw.


Please see Education city for phonics activity.


Numeracy - 


Please see Seesaw for assigned maths activity.

For interactive maths activity - CLICK HERE


World Around Us - 


This week we are learning about food.

Please complete work sheet in pack - Foods I like and dislike.



Literacy - 


1.Please see Seesaw for phonics activity.

2. Can you find any thing in your house that begins with the sounds c, e, m, d? If you can find anything, take a picture of them and post them to seesaw. Write the sound/letter beside each one.


Numeracy -


We are learning about weight and mass.

Please complete page 26 in home learning pack (weight/mass booklet)

For interactive maths game - CLICK HERE

- at the beach 


P.D.M.U - 


We are learning about staying healthy and clean.

For video on keeping healthy and clean - CLICK HERE

What ways can you stay healthy and clean? Discuss with your parents.




Please see Seesaw for name game exercise activity.




Literacy - 

Please see Seesaw for word activity.

Please see Seesaw for sentence activity.


Numeracy - 


Please see Seesaw for activity

Interactive maths games - CLICK HERE



Art - 


Make playdough with your parents;


1cup cold water

1 cup salt

2 tsp vegetable oil

food colouring

3 cups flour

2 tbsp cornflour


Make different foods that you like with the playdough.




Literacy -

Please see Seesaw for word activity - 2 activities are assigned.

Please see Education city for word activity.


Numeracy -

Please see Mathletics for assigned activity - Every day mass.

Please practice writing numbers in order from 0-10 on a piece of paper and post it to Seesaw.

For interactive maths sequencing game - CLICK HERE

-please click on sequencing, simple sequences, counting in ones, 1-10.


Religion -


Please refer to Seesaw for a picture of this week's story.

Please complete worksheet in home learning pack - The Good Shepherd.

Live P.E. lesson via zoom at 12noon.

This week is children’s mental health week so I’ve decided to rename today as FEEL GOOD FRIDAY.


Instead of formal work (you can complete that too if you want) you can take some time out to help you feel good.

What’s your favourite song? Perform that at home and dance dance dance! 
I will attach some lovely mindfulness colouring in sheets here that you can print out at home and colour! Have fun!! 

Mindfulness colouring sheets

Literacy -


Handwriting book (in pack sent home in pack) - please complete page with the letter r.

Please complete the next page in this booklet - matching sounds to pictures.


Numeracy -


Please complete paged 4 and 5 in number book - adding.

Please see Mathletics for assigned activity - Balance numbers to 10



World Around us -


Scavenger hunt using your senses.

Please refer to Seesaw for Scavenger Hunt activity,

Covid crunchers GAA video - CLICK HERE



Don't forget to check Seesaw for Story Time with Miss McAnulty (and Moe.)

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