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Week 5/ 8.2.2021

Live P.E. lesson via zoom every Thursday at 12noon;


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Meeting ID: 796 2128 6047

Passcode: 8RXPRt


Literacy -


We are learning about the g sound this week.


Using the picture of the rhymes that was posted to Seesaw, practice writing the g sound on a piece of paper - post these to Seesaw.

- around the girl's face, down her hair and give her a curl.


Please look at the pictures of words beginning with the g sound from the list attached below.

Choose your favourite and draw a picture of it. Using different colours, write the g sound all around your picture. Post this work to Seesaw.

Pictures of words beginning with the g sound

Please see Education City for assigned  phonics activity.

Numeracy -


Please see Seesaw for assigned activity.

Please see Mathletics for assigned activity - How many dots?


World around us -


Please complete worksheet sent home in learning pack - Lunchbox activity - sort the healthy foods into your lunchbox.


Art - 


Make you own butterfly from recyclable materials in your house.

Post a picture of your butterfly to seesaw.






P.D.M.U -


Please see Seesaw for assigned activity on healthy and unhealthy foods.


Religion -


Please see Seesaw for poem about Lent.

Discuss with your child why we celebrate Lent.

Please complete worksheet in home learning pack - I can share.

Live P.E. lesson via zoom at 12noon.

Literacy -


Please complete page with letter h in handwriting book sent home in learning pack.

Please complete next page after this too - matching sound to picture.


Numeracy -


Please complete pages 6 and 7 in number book - adding.

For interactive adding game - CLICK HERE

- addition, up to 10



World around us -


Please complete worksheet on Pancakes recipe sent home in worksheet - put the recipe in order.

You can make some pancakes in preparation for Shrove Tuesday next week.

P.E. -


Cosmic Yoga - The Very Hungry Caterpillar -CLICK HERE



Don't forget to check Seesaw for story time with Miss McAnulty and the Hungry Caterpillar!

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