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Week 6: Monday 22nd February 2021

Hello Primary Two! 

I hope you all enjoyed your mid-term break.  Over the next two weeks we will be learning all about shoes.  You will even be designing your own shoes!  I have put more activities on see-saw this week.  Please do not feel under any pressure to complete all of them.  I think I made too many!  Just do what best suits your family situation.  Don't feel that they have to completed on the allocated day.  It is great to see a sample of work from each child whenever you get a chance to post them.  Worksheets can be found in Learning Pack Week 6.  Extra key word and maths activities have been included if you wish to complete them.  Thanks!

           Mrs Conway


PE - Healthy Kidz: Whole school zoom PE sessions will continue to take place every Thursday 12pm-12.30pm.   


Join Zoom Meeting:



Meeting ID: 796 2128 6047

Passcode: 8RXPRt

Daily Activities:

Play games to identify sounds/ key words: 'Lego Block Spelling' and key word activities.

Write each spelling once in your spelling/phonics book.

Read your online reading book.

Practise correct number formation 1-20.


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned activity: Balance Numbers to 10 Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics- Write and practise making your spellings.  Have a go at the 'Lego Block Spelling' game on see-saw.

Handwriting 'Oo' - Listen to the Oo song. 'Watch the video clip 'How to Write Oo.'  Complete pages 32 and 33  of Workbook Starter A.  Think of four things which begin with 'O.'  

Numeracy: Complete worksheets 'Number Formation 1-20' and 'Winter Number Matching.'

World Around Us:  Complete worksheet 'What is the weather like?' and see-saw activity.


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned Activity: Adding to make 5 and 10.  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics - Write and practise making your spellings.  Complete phonics activity 'Letter Ll' on see-saw.

News - Draw a picture of something you did during the mid-term break.  Write a sentence to match your picture.  

Numeracy: Complete worksheet 'Superhero Missing Number.'  Play the Snakes and Ladder Game 1-20.

Art: Make a pencil sketch of Van Gogh's 'Old Boot's.'  (See see-saw)


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned Activity: Matching Numbers to 10  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics/ Key Words - Write your spellings and complete key words see-saw activity 'Building a Sentence.' 

Complete online activity on Education City Click here to log in.

Whizz Kids Group: Sound It Out 

Bright Sparks Group: Lovely Lollipops

Numeracy: Complete worksheet 'How Many?' 

World Around Us: Listen to the information book 'Whose Shoes?' Draw and label six different kinds of shoes.


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics- write and practise your spellings.

Listen to the story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker.' Draw and label the beginning, middle and ending of the story. (See see-saw)

Numeracy: See-saw activity 'Winter Graphs' and worksheet 'Winter Count and Graph' 

RE: Complete worksheet 'What did the boy have in the basket?'

PE: Healthy Kidz Zoom Session


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

Mental Maths: Education City (See below) 

Literacy: Phonics/ Spellings

Play 'Lego Block Spelling' game on see-saw and post response to teacher.  Complete the phonics challenge activities 'Colour Match' and 'Write a Sentence.'

Numeracy: Education City Click here to log in

Shooting Stars Group: Counting in Stens

Masterminds Group: Pattern Play 6

PE: Waka Waka Football Version

Enjoy your weekend!

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