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Week 7 - 1st March

Hello boys and girls,

It's time for home learning activities.

Try your best to do as many of these as you can!

Good luck!

Mrs Robinson



Language Development

This is your story - 'The Little Red Hen'.

Listen to the story. 

Answer the questions.

(1) How many friends did The Little Red Hen have?

(2) What did The Little Red Hen plant into the ground?

(3) Who cut the wheat when it had grown?

(4) What was the wheat made into at the mill?

(5) What did The Little Red Hen use the flour to bake?

(6) Why did The Little Red Hen eat the bread all by herself?

The World Around Us (Seesaw)


Physical Development and Movement (Seesaw)

Gross Motor Skills

(1) Sock Play



Early Mathematical Experiences


This is your counting rhyme - 'One Potato, Two Potatoes'.  Click here to open

Sequencing and Time

This is your song - 'Breakfast'.  Click here to open

Discuss 'breakfast time' - the first meal of the day, taken in the morning.

Talk about the different foods that are eaten at this time.


The Arts - Art and Design (Seesaw)


We have a special 4th birthday to a little girl in our class today!

This is her song.  Click here to open

Sing along everyone!


Language Development (Seesaw)


The World Around Us

This is your programme - 'Come Outside - Bread'. 

Click here to open


Physical Development and Movement  (Seesaw)

Fine Motor Skills



Thank you to everyone for taking part in the FOSPA Competition.  You all were extremely creative in turning potatoes into your favourite book characters.  I enjoyed looking at every single model and appreciate all the hard work that was put into making them.  We are so lucky we have a Nursery class of artists and designers!!


Early Mathematical Experiences

This is your counting-out rhyme - 'One Potato, Two Potatoes'.  Click here to open

Number (Seesaw)

Counting Activity & Action Rhyme


Shape and Space (Seesaw)


The Arts - Drama, Music (Seesaw)

This is your rhyme - 'Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around'.

Sing along to the rhyme and do the actions.

Physical Development and Movement (Seesaw)

Gross Motor Skills



Language Development


The World Around Us


The Arts


Getting Ready to Learn

Happy Healthy Kids

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