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Week1/ 11-01-2021

 Daily Reading  You have been assigned 2 books to read this week, one fiction and one non-fiction where possible. On Friday you will be asked to complete a book review for one of the books. These books can be accessed by logging into Collins ebooks account.







Homework scheduled for the week will be Monday's work. You should complete all New Waves Literacy and Maths activities and the week's spelling activities.




  • Mathletics 4 assigned division activities
  • Division worksheet (Seesaw)



  • Comprehension The Tortoise and the Hare (Seesaw)


WAU  What are freezing and melting?

  • BBC Bitesize video  Link and activity on Seesaw




  • Mathletics 4 assigned multiplication activities
  • Multiplication worksheet (Seesaw)





  • Grow In Love Term 2 Lesson 1  Making and keeping Promises 

   People make promises all the time, but especially at the start of a new year. Some people are good at making and keeping promises while others make promises and forget all about them. This is your chance to reflect on the year gone by and the new year to come.

Complete the New Year Resolutions activity on your Seesaw account.





  • Mathletics 4 assigned money activies
  • Money worksheet (Seesaw)



  • Editing The Frog Prince worksheet (Seesaw)



  • Log in to Education City where Cold as Ice activity will be scheduled.



The entire school P1 -P7 will log on at 12 noon on Thursdays for a live Fit Families' workout. Check out the document below for relevant details.




  • Mental Maths test Section 2 Test 1 (Seesaw)



  • Virtual spelling test (Available from 10am on Seesaw)
  • Book review Complete this review for 1 of the books you read this week. (Seesaw)





This week we have been looking at promises. The Old Testament gives us stories about making and breaking promises. You can read some of these in the document attached below. 


Think about a promise, big or small, that you will make to your parents/guardians.

Write a short letter to God asking him to help you keep that promise.

Post your finished work on Seesaw.

Well done everyone! Now go have some fun. yes

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