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Week 1: Monday 11th January 2021

Hello Primary Two!  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Santa gave you lots of presents.  I have set out some work for you to have a go at this week.  Online reading books have been allocated to you on Collins.  Online literacy tasks have been set on Education City and see-saw.  Numeracy tasks have been set on Mathletics, Education City and see-saw.  Usernames and passwords for online activities can be found in your learning pack.  I will also send these via see-saw.  I will refer to written and practical activities which can be found in your work pack.  If you have not already collected it yet please phone the school to arrange a time to collect it.  I look forward to seeing photographs of your work on See-saw.  Do not feel that you have to complete all the activities.  Choose what you feel best suits your family situation as we understand that many parents are working from home at this time.  This term our new topic is clothes.    

                                                                                             Good luck!

                                                                                             Mrs Conway

P.E - Fit Families: Please register to begin daily Physical Education with Healthy Kidz beginning 18th January. (information coming soon)


Apologies, there has been a change to the Healthy Kidz online zoom P.E lessons.  There will be a whole class online PE session today at 12pm-12.30pm.   



Join Zoom Meeting:




Meeting ID: 796 2128 6047

Passcode: 8RXPRt

Daily Activities:

Play games to identify sounds/ key words - Fridge Magnets on see-saw

Write each spelling once in your spelling/phonics book

Read your online reading book

Practise correct number formation 1-10


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned activity: Dot Display  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics- Write and practise making your spellings.  Have a go at the 'Fridge Magnets' game on see-saw.

Handwriting 'Hh' - Listen to 'The Letter H Song.'  Watch the video clip 'Write the letter H.'  Complete page 11 Workbook Starter B.  Think of four things which begin with 'h.'  Encourage your child to use a writing pencil for writing using the correct formation.  Ask them to colour in the pictures carefully using either colouring pencils or crayons.  Please do not use markers in handwriting workbooks.

Numeracy: Writing Numbers 1-10

Write a number on a page.  Put another page on top.  Reveal a part of the number and ask your child to guess what it is eg. A straight line could be l, 4, 5 or 10.'  A curve to the left could be 8 or 9.'  Complete the first page of your numeracy workbook.

World Around Us: Clothes for Jobs

Complete see-saw activity 'Clothes for Jobs.'


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned Activity: Model Addition  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics - Write and practise making your spellings.  Complete phonics activity 'Letter Hh' on see-saw.

News - Draw a picture of something you did over the Christmas holidays.  Remember to think about when it was, who you were with, where were you and what were you doing.  Write a sentence to match your picture.  Encourage your child to write any sounds they know.  It is fine to write a simple sentence for them to copy at this stage eg. I put up the tree.

Numeracy: Counting Objects

Set out a set of objects.  This could be small toys or grapes.  Ask your child to put the objects in a straight line and touch and count them.  Complete the second page of your numeracy book.  Count the animals and colour the pictures.

Art and Design: Teddies

Draw or paint a picture of your own teddy.  If you do not have a teddy any soft toy will do.  Take a photograph of your picture and teddy together and send via see-saw.  I can't wait to see them!


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned Activity: Everyday Length Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics - Write your spellings and complete activity 'Arctic Animal Word Find and Colour'on see-saw.  The key words are I, am and is.  Complete online activity on Education City Click here to log in.

Whizz Kids Group: What's In The Castle?

Bright Sparks Group: Happy Horses

Numeracy: Make your own addition sums using the ladybird mat.  Use objects such as lego pieces, shopkins or raisins.  Write your sums on a piece of paper eg. 5+2= 7. Take a photograph of one sum and post it on see-saw.  Make sure you include the ladybird mat and the written sum.

World Around Us: Clothes for different jobs.  Listen to the story 'Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do' and try to guess the jobs.


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

Mental Maths: Practise counting forwards to 20 from different starting points eg. 5-20.  Clap hands for each number.

Literacy: Phonics- write and practise your spellings.

Story 'Bare Bear'- Listen to the story 'Bare Bear.'  Draw a washing line with bear's clothes on it before the wind blew them away.  Show your child the words vest, socks and shorts written on a post-it or square of paper.  Ask them to put the post-it beside the correct item of clothing.  They may also want to have a go at copying the words.

Numeracy: Writing Numbers

Try to find numbers around your house eg. on the clock, a numberplate.  Say and write the numbers you find.  Complete the activity 'Winter Count and Write' on see-saw.

RE: Peace around Me Worksheet 18 in Religion Workbook



This is your reading.  Click here to open.

Mental Maths: Education City (See below)

Literacy: Phonics/ Spellings

Write each sound on a post-it or square of paper.  Encourage your child to make the spellings by re-arranging the post-its or squares.  They may make a spelling while looking at a word such as 'cat' to find the matching sounds or just by listening to the sounds.  When a word is complete ask your child to point to each letter and say each sound in order, stretch the sounds slowly then say the word fast.  They do this in school every day! Play 'Fridge Magnets' game on see-saw and post response to teacher.  Complete the phonics challenge activity 'Draw a picture.' Trace the words 'Here is a fat cat on the mat.'  Encourage your child to form the letters correctly.

Numeracy: Education City Click here to log in

Shooting Stars Group: Jack In The Box

Masterminds Group: Eggs for Breakfast

PE: Dance

Have a go at 'I'm a gummy bear dance.'  Don't worry if you can't get all the moves.  Just have fun!

Look out for a bedtime story on Friday read by one of your teachers.
Enjoy your weekend!

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