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Week 5: Monday 8th February 2021

Hello boys and girls!  Thank-you for sending me all your lovely work.  We have another week to work hard until mid-term break.  This week we will be making our own characters and designing clothes for them.

                                                                                           Mrs Conway


PE - Healthy Kidz: Whole school zoom PE sessions will continue to take place every Thursday 12pm-12.30pm.   


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Meeting ID: 796 2128 6047

Passcode: 8RXPRt

Daily Activities:

Play games to identify sounds/ key words 

Write each spelling once in your spelling/phonics book

Read your online reading book

Practise correct number formation 1-15


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned activity: Subtraction from 5  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics- Write and practise making your spellings.  Have a go at the 'Apple Picking' game on see-saw.

Handwriting 'Bb' - Listen to the Bb song. 'Watch the video clip 'How to Write Bb.'  Complete pages 12 and 13  of Workbook Starter B.  Think of four things which begin with 'b.'  Encourage your child to use a writing pencil for writing using the correct formation.  Ask them to colour in the pictures carefully using either colouring pencils or crayons.  

Numeracy: Complete adding and subtracting 10 worksheets below.

World Around Us:  Complete see-saw activity.



Safer Internet Day

For some resources regarding Safer Internet Day - CLICK HERE

For a virtual assembly on Safer Internet Day - CLICK HERE


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned Activity: Balancing Act  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics - Write and practise making your spellings.  Complete phonics activity 'Letter Kk' on see-saw.

News - Draw a picture of something you did at the weekend.  Write a sentence to match your picture.  Remember to use a capital letter and a full stop.

Numeracy: Complete worksheet below 'Train - Sequencing Numbers to 20.'

Art: Listen to the story 'The Paper Dolls.'  Design your own giant paper doll on the template provided in your learning pack.  Decide if your paper doll will be a boy or girl, what kind of hair it will have and what it will be wearing.  Use colours and collage materials to decorate your paper doll.



This is your reading.  Click here to open.

This is your mental maths.  Assigned Activity: How many dots?  Click here to open.

Literacy: Phonics/ Key Words - Write your spellings and complete key words see-saw activity.  Complete online activity on Education City Click here to log in.

Whizz Kids Group: Pet Shop

Bright Sparks Group: Elephant Escape

Numeracy: Complete see-saw activity.

World Around Us: Complete see-saw activity.


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

Mental Maths: Count in 10's to 100

Count in 10's doing the following actions: put hands on hips and do a hula hoop action, star jumps, bunny hops and squats.

Literacy: Phonics- write and practise your spellings.

Listen to the story 'The Paper Dolls' again.  In the story the paper dolls went on lots of adventures.  Make up a name for your character.  Draw two adventures your paper doll might go on eg. sailing on a boat.  Draw a mini-version of your character in each scene.  Write a sentence for each scene.  For example 'Joanne is sailing on a boat.'

Numeracy: Find ten 10p coins or draw your own circles to make 'pretend' money.  Set up a toy shop using your own toys.  Write price labels.  Everything must cost a multiple of 10 eg. 30p.  One person can be the shop-keeper and the other can be the customer.  See if you can give the correct amount of coins to buy each toy.

RE: Religion Workbook Special Places 

Draw a special place that you like to spend time at.  Write a sentence to match.

PE: Healthy Kidz Zoom Session


This is your reading.  Click here to open.

Mental Maths: Education City (See below) 

Literacy: Phonics/ Spellings

Write each sound on a post-it or square of paper.  Encourage your child to make the spellings by re-arranging the post-its or squares.  They may make a spelling while looking at a word to find the matching sounds or just by listening to the sounds.  When a word is complete ask your child to point to each letter and say each sound in order, stretch the sounds slowly then say the word fast.  Play 'Apple Picking' game on see-saw and post response to teacher.  Complete the phonics challenge activity 'Colour Match.'

Numeracy: Education City Click here to log in

Shooting Stars Group: Moo-vin on up

Masterminds Group: Pattern Play 5

PE: The Best Day of My Life 

This is a tricky one but just dance along with your own moves!  It is great for keeping fit.  Get the whole family to have a go.

Enjoy your mid-term break!

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